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Lily Group Programme 2017

The Savill Garden

Address: Wick Lane, Englefield Green TW20 0UU  Phone: 01784 485400/435544
Parking is at the Savill Building  Car Park (Sat Nat code TW20 0UJ.) 
Parking is free with paid admission into The Savill Garden - take a ticket as you enter the car park and ask one of the reception staff to validate it when you purchase your ticket for The Savill Garden, for free exit at any time until dusk.
Entry for our group is 8.50 per person
Please let the secretary now if you are coming
The Meeting Place is inside the building at 10.30 for coffee.
Guided Tour with John Anderson at 11 am - Tour finish 3-3.30pm.

Lily Group Tour to Greece
The tour is now fully booked but may be repeated next year.

9 days tour Christopher Gardner & Kurt Vickery

A suite of early summer flowers illuminates the stunning uplands of northern Greece with five beautiful lily species among them. These include the rare and lovely Lilium rhodopaeum, flowery mountain slopes populated with rich-yellow Lilium carniolicum and woods illuminated with the orange of Lilium chalcedonicum. This tour will explore the Pindos and Southern Rhodope Mountains finding many other delightful flowers besides lilies with tall spikes of Himantoglossum caprinum, showy Digitalis grandiflora, plentiful Dactylorhiza saccifera and many delightful herbs and alpines. Added to this is some charming accommodation is small hotels and guesthouses, pleasant warm weather and spectacular landscapes.

1. day  To Thessaloniki - transfer to Drama
2. day Megalo Lividi
3. day
Mount Falakron
4. day
To Agios Germanos via Mount Vermion
5. day
Mount Vournos
6. day
To Papigo and Vikos Gorge
7. day
Mount Smolikas
8. day
Kipi and Aoos Lake
9. day
Flights home

The itinerary can be viewed online at

In the 1930s, master landscape gardener Sir Eric Savill created one of England's greatest woodland gardens on a little used area of Windsor Great Park

Our epic journey starting and ending at Thessaloniki Airport will take us through stunning scenery of spectacular mountains, forests, gorges and lakes. We will be staying for one or two nights at a time in beautiful villages and other places of interest -- the hotel in Metsovo has an attached winery

The stars of the show
We can expect to see alpine Lilium carniolicum, woodland L. chalcedonicum,
L. martagon ssp. cattaniae, L. albanicum and the fabled L. rhodopeum. Finding these last two, we'll feel a real sense of achievement -- they'll need 4WD vehicles for the bad roads, and a lot of hard walking. For L. albanicum the day involves several kilometres on foot from the road head at 1,800 m, to reach its site at 2,400 m.
We will also visit an area with a strong population of Lilium candidum. Though their season is earlier we may be lucky and find one or two still in flower

A treasure-trove of other wild flowers
This beautiful region of Greece is sparsely populated and very rich in wild flowers. Our long week (and long drives) will take us through many different habitats, each with its own specialities.
On the mountain slopes we can expect such combinations as Digitalis viridiflora, Dianthus deltoides, Viola doerfleri and Campanula foliosa with its unusual globular heads, or perhaps Hypericum olympicum, Anthyllis aurea and Digitalis lanata. Elsewhere will be many orchids such as Dactylorhiza saccifera, Gymnadenia conopsea and impressive spikes of Himantoglossum caprinum, with other flowers such as Anthericum liliago, Pinguicula crystallina and Morina persica.