Buying Lily Bulbs

Your local suppliers

The easiest and cheapest way to get lilies is to buy bulbs at your local garden centre or other gardening supplier. However, the choice will be limited and the quality may not be the best. You may also find that the flowers that appear do not match the ones shown on the packaging!

Specialist suppliers

A wider choice and better quality bulbs can be obtained from bulb suppliers and nurseries with a particular interest in lilies. A good selection of hybrids and quite a few species lilies should be available from these sources. They may be a little more expensive, but the extra is worth it. You can also be confident that they will be what they are supposed to be.

A few specialist suppliers are listed here

RHS Lily Group Bulb Auction

You can never be sure what bulbs will turn up in our auction! There are usually quite a few hybrids, some of them very unusual, and a range of species, some of them unobtainable commercially. Bulbs of other plants sometimes turn up too.

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Many species are rarely or never available as bulbs – if you want them, you will need to grow them from seed.