Marketing Terms for Internet Business

Massessing data:
Also called data outside the session, information that cannot be learned from the current separate visitor event.
Non-working media expenses:
All those things that may or cannot be paid directly; Fee for advertising server, hourly pay for creative, access fee, licensing fee, administrative fee, QA fee for each placement placement, asset storage, IT and traffic charges, digital remastering fee. All this internal expenses, which are usually not directly customer.
Unqualified page shows:
Shows of pages that should be excluded from traffic or measurement reports, for example, unsuccessful transmission of requested documents, successful transfer of the requested documents robot or spider and / or pages in the frame set.
Exit measurements:
When the site sends its log files to the web research service outside the site for analysis.
Omenal refers to a marketing approach that interacts with the user on different platforms from beginning to end. The platforms used are mobile devices, email, physical business, telephone and much more.
On demand:
The ability to request immediate sending video, audio or information on the screen by clicking anything on the screen relating to this selection.
Video on request:
Video media that are available to the user at a convenient time for it. YouTube, Hulu and Netflix on request are examples of services offering video on request.
Measurement in place:
When the server has an appropriate program for measuring and analyzing traffic obtained on its own site.
Reached percentage (OTP):
The percentage of the total number of campaign shows, which corresponds to the objectives of the advertiser.
Behavioral Internet Advertising (OBA):
Digital Advertising Play Targeting Method for Selected Consumer Audience based on their previous actions that occur on a network or offline; Also called behavioral targeting (BT)
Confidentiality Alliance on the Internet (OPA):
A group of corporations and associations gathered together to present and promote action across the entire business that create an atmosphere of confidence and contribute to the protection of the privacy of people on the Internet. Visit for more information.
Internet publisher:
Creator and / or an online content aggregator, which often monetizes users visits, showing advertising.
Opening is registered when a person opens a post campaign. Multiple opening can be registered if a person returns to its email and opens again after 24+ hours. As a result, the opening indicator measures the total number of discoveries. Урологический массаж от проститутки это реальность. Заходи сюда: Выбери понравившуюся и вперед на встречу приключений!