Gasket heating pipes in the apartment

Laying pipes in the apartment and laying the heating system is one of the main stages of the installation of the heating system. It is worth noting that in this case the system can be carried out not typical throughout the house, but individual, if the owner of the apartment expresses his desire. The owner of the housing can choose the type of heating instruments and the laying scheme of the heating system to its taste.

When installing, imported and domestic products and heating devices can be used. Examples include convectors built into the floor or conventional convectors, steel or cast iron heating radiators. Connecting radiators can be the bottom and side. Podding pipes to radiators is performed below if the main pipes are packed in the floor.

The apartment is wiring pipelines from a common collector cabinet to each radiator. Such a heating gasket is convenient if the repair of radiators is required. Plumbing works performed at the collector wiring do not require all the system to disconnect. It will be necessary to turn off only pipes that go to the dismantled radiator.

With the collector system, the hidden layout has certain advantages and disadvantages. So, the main advantage is that all design elements will not be visible, as they are hidden in the floor. The main disadvantage is that when the system breakdowns, you will need to break the screed or floor to eliminate the source of the breakage. Installation of radiators and gasket heating pipes Experts are recommended to perform according to the project, which is prepared before the start of installation work. The project reflects drawings and calculations on the heating system, it will be on them that will be installed. Usually in apartment buildings this project is required by the operating organization of a residential building. After that, you can start on the installation.

You need to know that, depending on the site where the system is required, horizontal and vertical pipelines differ. Thus, the vertical pipeline passes at an angle of 90 degrees to the floor surface. The horizontal pipeline passes parallel to the floor plane.

The concept of "horizontal" in this case is applied conditionally, since pipes can pass under a certain bias, which is carried out towards the general highway. It turns out that the lower part of the pipe in the apartment must be closer towards the riser. The bottom line is that the content from the system goes down.

Among the specialists there are several ways to designate the magnitude of the slope. For example, the designation in millimeters and centimeters reflects a decrease in level 1 meter length. Another option is in percent. In this case, the magnitude of the slope will be equal to one between the heels of the pipe ends, divided by its length and multiplied by 100%. Here 1 centimeter will correspond to 1% slope.

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