The latest trends in college football betting to be everywhere in 2021

Student football. It is one of the most popular sports in the United States, and with it comes people who want to bet on it.
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Overall, the global sports betting market is worth at least $85 billion . Betting on college football is certainly part of that number.

But with betting comes wins and losses. When it comes to gambling, more people lose money than win but not always thanks to Sportwetten ohne OASIS.

That said, the best gamblers have ways of minimising their chances of losing. One such way is to keep an eye on trends in the sports they are betting on.

So, what are the trends in college football worth keeping an eye on? Here's your guide to betting on NCAA football.

Recording vs spread.

One of the main things punters like to keep track of is the team's result against the spread. It can make a big difference to your confidence in a team's ability to win the bet you want to make on it.

So, if Alabama were a 35-point favourite against Tennessee and won by 40 points, they would beat the spread.

Last year, five teams really stood out with records against the spread. Indiana topped the list at 7-1. Northwestern was right behind at 7-1-1.

Then some pretty successful teams you may not have seen or heard of last year were San Jose St., Liberty and Tulsa. They went 6-1-1, 9-2 and 7-2 against the spread respectively.

Indiana was one of the big conference teams that really broke out last year, so the betting lines never adjusted to them. If you followed that wave, you could make some real money.

But in other situations, it's worth working on teams from non-major conferences that aren't being talked about.

Every year there are teams like San Jose State, Liberty and Tulsa that are nearly undefeated against the spread, but don't have lines that reflect that. This is partly because lines from smaller conferences tend not to be as accurate because they are less popular, which can really benefit the experienced player.

Handicappers, such as those from Docs Sports , can catch this early enough for you to benefit from it during the season.

More/less recording

The next thing you can look at is how teams deal with over/under recording. Do teams usually score more points than the bookies expect them to, or do they score less?

This is a trend to look out for this season to increase your chances of making money.

In 2020, one of the most reliable teams to bet on totals has suddenly turned out to be Kansas. They are one of the last football schools to be thought of in major conferences, and frankly, they usually have one of the worst programs.

Nevertheless, Kansas went 7-1-1 at Over last year. With a winning percentage of 87.5%, it was the highest in college football, and they were pretty much locked in every week last season.

On the other hand, the top two teams to bet less on last year were Nebraska and San Jose State. Each of them played 7-1 respectively.

Winning 87.5% of your bets is almost unheard of in sports betting. But, if you do your research, you can really benefit from finding teams that simply can't lose more or less.

Neutral site games

This will be more important for those looking to bet aggressively in week one this year. Week 1 is known for a lot of non-conference games played on a neutral site.

Non-conference games.

Another thing that will be important to bet early in the season is how teams handle non-conference opponents. Since the first few weeks are almost exclusively non-conference games, you can look to see how teams perform in those games.

Betting on football in the majors

You're probably a big college football fan who thinks you know enough about these teams to succeed in betting on college football. Well, with these trending tips, you'll have a better understanding of what to pay attention to in order to get an edge.