What do I need to know about the wager at online casinos?

Bonuses in 5 gringo casino are given out on certain conditions. The main thing is to work off the wager. This wagering, which at professional clubs ranges from x30 to x50.

What is wagering?

Wagering is accrued on each bonus, and for the first time the gambler meets with such an option when activating the no deposit reward. Thanks to this, the operator of the club and the client are in equal conditions. The player gets a head start, and 5 gringo casino - the opportunity to earn in the case of failure of the user.

Working off the wager in 5 gringo casino involves a number of conditions:

  • The starting reward is credited with wagering in x40. This means that the virtual amount should be increased by at least 40 times. Otherwise, the club's customer will not be able to withdraw. Otherwise, the client of the club will not be able to withdraw the money won.
  • The wager is accrued for a limited period of time. On deposit bonuses it is a period of one to two weeks, on second-level prize options - 24 hours. If the user does not have time to wagering the required amount, the bonus and all winnings are burned.
  • Some casinos set the wagering rule along with the deposit. In such a situation, the gambler needs to increase 40 times not only the virtual money, but also the real ones. In most with this option wager is reduced by x10.

What can wagering say about the competence of the club?

By the rules of the starting bonuses you can understand how the online casino works, and whether you should trust the playground. When the operator puts the wager at x60 and gives up to 48 hours for this, it is unlikely that the gambler will be able to achieve the desired and receive the payment.

The client of the club will have to spend an impressive amount and a lot of time. In addition, no deposit rewards often involve working with a limited number of machines. The casino may choose those slots where users win extremely rarely.

Brand sites, such as 5 gringo casino, provide services under license from the regulator and do not exhibit wagering more than x40, and for secondary bonuses and even charge wagering in x20.

Now you have an idea of what a wager is, and you can start playing at the online club.