Playboy Club Casino - the main sponsor of Hugh Hefner's empire

Playboy Club Casino - the main sponsor of Hugh Hefner's empire

American culture in the 20th century was always one step ahead of the rest of the world in terms of openness and extravagance. She set the tone for the rest of the country. A landmark event in 1953 was the appearance of the cult magazine Playboy - the most beautiful girls in the world have got on its pages for decades. And the symbol of the rabbit has brought success not only to the publishing house, but also to the gambling market. slot gives you the opportunity to win even on the smallest bets. The high RPT says that the probability of winning is 96%.

American pop culture in London

In 1966, in the upscale district of Mayfair was held a party to mark the opening of a new casino Playboy Club. The event was attended by many members of the aristocracy, including actor Peter Sellers, ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev, and Princess Lee Radziwill.

In 1968 the wedding of Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate was celebrated here. Visitors could often enjoy performances by American singer Sammy Davis Jr. while the dance floor was filled with stars on the level of British actress Joan Collins.

London - the gambling capital of Europe

For most of the 20th century, casinos were forbidden in Britain. Then the players could make legal bets only at racetracks and bookmaker's offices.

The British government found another way to combat illegal casinos and legalized gambling in 1960. Since then, London has attracted the attention of investors who want to get to the wallets of the local nobility. Hugh Hefner is among them.

In 1965, the American publisher sends his subordinate Victor Lowes in London - he had to find a suitable place for a casino. By this time the Playboy Club was already operating in Chicago, Miami, New Orleans, St. Louis, New York, Phoenix, Detroit and Baltimore.

The London club started Hugh Hefner's first casino.

In 1965, Victor Lohns turned his attention to the 10-storey building at 45 Park Lane at a cost of £800,000 - it had a gorgeous view from the Hilton Hotel. Hefner approved the decision and arranged a long-term lease. In 1966, on this site appears Playboy Club. The cost of gambling enterprises estimated at £ 1.5 million.

The atmosphere of the clubs

High brand recognition was its main feature. All the clubs adhered to the same style - the image of a rabbit was put on carpets, paintings, chips, matchboxes, and so on. If a visitor from Chicago came to London, he had to feel at home. Hugh Hefner achieved this effect not only through recognizable entourage.

Each member of the club was given a key with an individual number. It served as a kind of pass at the entrance. All the keys hung on a board with the inscription "In Playboy Club tonight. Guests felt part of the posh show, not just bystanders. It all started at the entrance with the familiar "bunny" phrase:

"Good evening, I'm your bunny Mary. May I see the Playboy key, please?"

Also, all of the clubs followed the same pricing and serving policy. For 50 cents, you could order a filet steak, a hamburger or any drink.

Initially, the target audience included bachelors. This was evidenced not only by the open uniforms of the staff, but also by the arrangement of the rooms. There were apartments and guest rooms on the upper floors. They were furnished specifically for single men based on the interior of Playboy's Penthouse Apartment.

According to the authors' idea the bachelor is sure to return to the room with his girlfriend. The two armchairs at the entrance allow you to sit comfortably and have a little rest after the evening. On the way to the kitchen you can turn on some romantic music. 

In the corner of the room there are several books for discussion. For a change of scenery, guests were given the opportunity to go out on the balcony. Afterward, they could go back to the appetizers and drinks. The playboy's main goal was to get to the bedroom with his girlfriend.

Necklines and ponytails.

Almost all of the service staff consisted of girls. They did the jobs of receptionists, waiters, and croupiers. All obligatorily wore a rabbit uniform:

  • Corset.
  • Ears.
  • Black transparent tights.
  • Bow tie.
  • Collar.
  • Cuffs.
  • Ponytail.

The colors of the outfits varied.

Only pretty girls were hired, but beauty alone was sometimes not enough for a long job at the Playboy Club. Before going into the hall to the guests, all "rabbits" underwent training. On average, the training took up to 14 days.

Each girl received detailed instructions on how to work - "The rabbits' manual. A small book described the basic rules. Employees were forbidden to meet guests, give their real names, and exchange contacts.

The Playboy Club regularly had detectives checking on the staff, posing as regular customers. Most of the girls refused to make contact. Much of this was due to the good pay - £35 a week. Added to this were benefits: hairdresser, free meals, chiropractor, travel expenses and company parties. We should not forget about the tips, which added up to more than the salary.

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