How to win at keno games?

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Are you passionate about gambling? Try keno. You'll love it! It's easy to play and your chances of winning are very high. If you don't know what it is, don't worry, we'll explain everything in this article to make you a Keno expert. What is Keno? How do you play it? What are the tips that will increase your chances of winning? And how to play keno online?

What is the game of Keno?

The game of Keno is similar to the lottery game. It is based on chance, but with the right reflexes and the right strategy, you can win big. Keno is very popular in France, unlike the lottery, this game interests a wide range of people of various ages. This popularity is due to the simplicity of the game as well as its chances of winning. But before we talk about the prize pool, you should know that Keno is made up of grids and each grid contains numbers from 1 to 80. If you can guess the right ones, you'll hit the jackpot! Play teen patti online and Keno here.

How to play the game of Keno?

As we mentioned earlier, Keno is made up of grids and each grid contains 80 numbers. The goal is to select 20 numbers at random from one or more grids. In fact, the grids are synonymous with the bet. How does it work? Let us explain. In Keno you have the possibility to choose up to 8 grids and each grid is equivalent to 1 Euro. In each grid you choose 20 numbers. These can be similar. The special thing about Keno is that you can win every time you guess a correct number. Moreover, you are able to win up to 2,500,000 Euros, if all the numbers drawn match the ones you ticked. Outside of casinos, if you play at a gaming outlet, you must go to a payment center approved by La Française des Jeux to collect your check.

How to win at Keno?

How do I win at Keno? This is the question that most players ask themselves. Unfortunately, there is no precise technique to win every time. However, there are some techniques that will help you win jackpots with every number you hit. Below are some of the best tricks to always come out on top in a Keno game:


If you want to become a Keno pro, there's no better way than to practice. Of course, when we say practice, it doesn't mean you're going to spend your money on losing bets. You can refer to online keno simulation games. You can find them on the FDJ website. Sign up and play as many times as you like until you are ready to bet.

Choosing the winning numbers

In Keno, there are winning numbers. These are the ones that come up most often. Every year, the Française Des Jeux or FDJ communicates these magic numbers. For example, last year, the luckiest people ticked the following numbers:

  • 6 ;
  • 16 ;
  • 26 ;
  • 36.

If you want to increase your chances of winning, you can consult the FDJ website, the data is updated daily.

Check the strategic numbers

In order to win at Keno, experts advise to mark the numbers that have the same ending, for example, 9, 19, 29, etc. Indeed, by choosing this pattern of numbers, your chances of hitting the jackpot are high.

The secret of the 7 numbers

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned that the game of Keno is played by marking 20 numbers. However, to increase your chances of winning, it is possible to play with fewer numbers, previously 7 numbers.

Lifetime winning Keno

Have you heard of lifetime keno? No! Well, you'll be happy to know. As the name suggests, Lifetime Keno allows you to win the same amount of money every year as you did the first time. To be a Lifetime Keno winner, the numbers drawn must match the 9 numbers you've checked off beforehand.

Online Keno Game

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You can play the Keno game online at special sites. The graphics of these games are just amazing to guarantee you a good experience. Online keno is played as much as in casinos or retail places. You can choose either free or paid keno sites. If you opt for the latter, make sure that the gaming platforms are certified in order to protect your money.

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