Hybrid lilies

This gallery is intended to give an idea of the different types of hybrid lilies. The focus is mainly but not exclusively on registered hybrids.

Asiatic hybrids

Martagon & European hybrids


North American hybrids

The Bullwood hybrids bred by Derek Fox are shown in the top three rows; the next four rows are occupied by Norgart Martschinke’s hybrids.


Trumpet & Aurelian hybrids

Oriental hybrids


Inter-divisional hybrids including orienpets


“Hybrid Lily” photo credits: Jim Ault, George Battle, Bill Bauer, Brian Bergman, Patrick Brown, Rimmer deVries, Axel Hintze, Charlie Kroell, Jennifer Kerry, Norgart Martschinke, Madeleine Tinson, Martin Toon, Declan Whelan