Seed List


Our Seed List is an exchange between members around the world and comes out in January/February each year. It is widely regarded as one of the most valuable sources of lily seed and includes many rarities though quantities are often limited. Members often have wider interests so our Seed List includes other Liliaceae, bulbs and lots of perennials too. A paper version is available – see ‘Important Points’ below.

2021 – 2022 Timetable 

30 November 2021 – deadline for donating seed 

19 January 2022 – list emailed to all seed donors

07 February 2022 – list emailed to all non-donors

14 March 2022 – final date for ordering

All orders dispatched by 31 March 2022

2019 – 20 Seed List

2018 – 19 Seed List


For Seed List: George Battle

For Seed Orders: Pat Huff

Please donate seed…

When you donate:

  • We’ll send you the next Seed List two weeks earlier than everyone else
  • You can order up to 100 packets per household
  • You’ll get 1 free packet of seeds for every 2 of species lilies you contribute and 1 packet for every 3 contributions of anything else… in all, up to 10 free.

Collecting & sending seed…

  • Harvest the ripe seed pod just before it splits – see 1st photo
  • Covering pods in nylon netting can protect against birds & avoid seed escaping. Netting shown in 2nd photo is used in insect cages. Any type is fine so long as it doesn’t retain water.
  • Allow seed to dry off for a day or two e.g. on a seed tray lined with paper
  • Clean the seed of chaff e.g. by gently blowing lighter material aside
  • Store in well-sealed paper bags and please label clearly
  • If using a Customs Form please write: “Seeds – no commercial value”.
  • Post in a padded envelope to:             

Pat Huff, Castle House,Leighton Bromswold,Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, PE28 5AX, United Kingdom

  • To help us in compiling the new Seed List, please email a list of your seeds to

Contributing photos…

We only use photos of the plants actually in the Seed List, not generic examples. Species can vary in height, vigour, colour & flower form. We want to show your plants. We are also lucky enough to have many members who are keen hybridisers and photos can be especially important to give a clear idea of these.

  • For species lilies, at least one photo would be great.
  • For your own crosses, we’d like photos of both the pod and pollen parents
  • If you have a sizeable clump of a particular lily, please send a photo of that too
  • Smaller files are ideal, around 900 pixels per side

A few other important points…

  • A paper version of the Seed List and Order Form is available to anyone without internet access. In addition, any member in the UK may request one by sending a 1st class stamp to: George Battle, Oaklands, Gorst Hill, Rock, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, DY14  9YR 
  • To receive the Seed List as a donor in one year (e.g. 2020), one must have been a paid-up member in the previous year (2019 in this example).
  • Anyone collecting wild seed needs to ensure they have any necessary permission and permits & to retain the latter. Signatory countries to the Nagoya Protocol on protecting wild plant resources can be found at


  • To join us & receive our Seed List please click here: Join us