Species Lilies

Species lilies, which include Nomocharis, are here grouped by region and related species are shown alongside each other. We are keen to show diversity within a species so photographs of new forms would be much appreciated. Click on an image to enlarge.

Eastern North American species | Western North American species | Sino-Himalayan species | Nomocharis | Siberian, Japanese & other Asiatic species

European & Caucasian species – listed in approximate geographical distribution West to East

Eastern North American species

Variation in wild populations is not always apparent to gardeners. The following is a selection of photos of L michiganense taken by Patrck Brown in Midland County, Michigan which illustrates something of the range of form, colour of tepals & spotting to be found within one area.

Western North American species

Sino-Himalayan species


There is a growing body of scientific evidence that the distinction between Nomocharis and Lilium is the result of habitat specialisation. Accordingly, Nomocharis are being re-named as Lilium and are here placed alongside the Sino-Himalayan lilies.

Nomocharis photographed in Yunnan by Alan Mitchell. L pardanthinum Mairei courtesy of Madeleine Tinson


Siberian, Japanese & other Asiatic species

Lilium dauricum… or Lilium maculatum ssp. dauricum …  is a particularly variable species in both colour & height but not in the size of the floret. The following photos are from the range of forms grown by Darm Crook.

“Species lily” photo credits: Alisdair Aird, Prof. Leonid V Averyanov, Keith Baldie, George Battle, Patrick Brown, Freddy Byttebier, Darm Crook, Alain Denis,  Rimmer deVries, Barry Francis, Leif Fransson, Mel Herbert, Gordon Hogensen, Irene Hopton-Scott, Raymond Hudson, Prof. Dr. Nursel Ikinci, Dick Kammer, Jennifer Kerry, Barbara Knox-Shaw, Jurgen Koch, Karl Kristensen, Charlie Kroell, Preston Ling, Alan Mitchell, Joe Nemmer, Bjornar Olsen, Peter Shotter, Lane Spence, Shawn Stegent, David Thrun, Martin Toon, Sonam Wangchen, Oliver Wyatt, Bleddyn Wynn-Jones


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